If you think you can’t afford to buy a home, you may want to think again!

From your down payment, credit score and maximum debt-to-income ratio research shows that buyers don’t always know the facts. It’s a fast moving market and knowing where you truly stand is valuable to get your next home. There are plenty of myths that scare away buyers. If you have questions OR just want to verify the truth about the market contact one of our experts today.

Myth: I need a perfect credit score 

Don’t let your credit hold you back. There are things you can do to improve it for a future purchase and many loan program options. If you’re worried about a high interest rate that also shouldn’t hold you back as there is always the option to refinance and many options to consider. 

Myth: I don’t want to pay a realtor

A realtor assisting you on the buyside is a huge value and the seller pays their commission. You get representation and the seller pays for it! So, when you’re shopping for homes take full advantage of this and leverage their expertise and team of resources. 


Myth: I need a 20% down payment 

It is still believed by many that a 20% down payment is necessary and that just is not true. Programs are available for as low as 3% down. In today’s market financing and your down payment are important so ensure you consult with an expert on what your options might be.

Myth: Renting is cheaper 

Comparing your Rent to what you would pay for a mortgage might surprise you.  Is it time to start putting your money into a future asset? You won’t know what your mortgage will be and how it compares unless you start the process. Knowledge is power so it’s worth considering your options.